This app plays your music as normal on the iPhone or Touch, ever 15 minutes it fades it out, speaks your twitters in with a nice voice synth, then fades the music back in.  The interface is stark featuring an animated bird and a bubble on top displaying what is currently playing or whatever tweet it is reading. After vocalizing the tweets they can be navigated through.

One nice bonus feature is the entire screen acts as a music controller which is nice while driving or at your desk. Swipe up to play, down to pause (the music or while its speaking), side to skip, double tap to fast forward. The idea came from ‘breaking news’ on the radio, but instead its your music and it breaks in the Tweets.
The app is free including the music gestures, and 2 tweets every 10 minutes. With an in app purchase you can set the amount of tweets it speaks and the interval it gets them.


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