Twitter serves as a good practical tool to follow someone for news, personal updates and retweets. It’s utility functions fail short when it comes to context-awareness and organizing tweets in a manner that makes sense to most people – threaded conversations.

Twitter focus on the real-time one-directional message flow but in the world of human interactions it is quite naturally to be curious in what others talk about and especially to be interested in the conversations among the people you follow. Topytalk fulfills this need.

Topytalk is built around conversations presented in the threaded format, where all @replies to a tweet are grouped together under that tweet and allowed to be found by either one of the participant’s username, status id, hashtag or keywords. There is also a special field for entering one or more usernames and viewing the conversations of the these people and/or answering to the tweets as they happen in real time.

In addition Topytalk automatically groups each user conversations into the talk-line found at address similar to the Twitter user’s home timeline: http://topytalk/yourtwitterusername

Features Summary:

  • Threaded conversations
  • Interesting talks without having to know which individual users to follow
  • Powerful search to find conversations by status id, usernames, hashtags or keywords
  • Quick way to check what your peers are talking about
  • Personal talk-oriented time-line

Overall, Topytalk should be liked by these seeking more thoughtful and diverse ways to use Twitter. The next version is under development and it will add more context awareness and will allow receiving notifications when a particular person is having a conversation. Site link: