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www.In2s.us Best URL shortner

In2s.us is powered and owned by Sugar Amigo Webmedia Pvt Ltd.


Shorten your URL In2s (in two seconds) is any easy web address to remember and is easy to work with. Register and log in, and all your shorterned url’s will be listed for you to reacess. Your shortened url can be easily shared on e-mails, forums and online communities. What more, you can also tweet, retweet, share on facebook, stumble or digg right here.
Your shortened link doesn’t come with an expiry date! Once shortened is shortened for life. Use the shortened link wherever or whenever you choose to. In2s do not delete or reperpose your link if you don’t get enough clicks per month. So, at in2s.us your link never expires!

Link: http://www.in2s.us/

Twte.Ly allows you to interact with your fellow tweeters. One of its feature is that you can publish a poll to be answered by your fellow tweeters.

Application site: http://twte.ly/

Prerequisite: Twitter account

Process time: 1 minute


Step-1. Go to the Application site.

Step-2. Sign in your Twitter account on the upper right portion of the page.

Step-3. When your signed in, select a “Type”. Choose “Poll”.

Step-4. Under Question, type in your question on the box provided.

Step-5. Under Choices, enter in your choices on the boxes provided to the question. To add another choice, just click the + button.

Step-6. When you’re done. Click “Publish”. You’re done.

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