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This free and easy application helps Twitter users increase their followers.

If you currently have a Twitter account, then you automatically have a Twtify account.  To use this application, just enter your Twitter information and you’re ready to go.

Click on the ‘Increase Followers’ tab and input one keyword and hit start. It would be in your best interest to type one word at a time so you can get the best search results.

Once you click the start button, Twtify will search Twitter for users with that particular keyword in their timeline or biography. Twtify then automatically follows those people for you.

Logging into Twtify automatically puts you into their database of users to follow. This means that whenever a user searches for a keyword that matches your profile, they will automatically follow you because of the Twtify application.

Unlike some of the other ‘follow trains’ out there, Twtify is free and tries its hardest to prevent spammers from using the site.

Twtify does have a limit of how many people you can follow at one time. With this limit in place, you must wait before imputing another keyword.

Twtify is still in the beginning stages, but it is definitely an app to look out for!


There are tons of websites that allow you to host your pictures. Unfortunately, the links to those files are almost always too long for Twitter.

The Twittimg application makes tweeting and managing  your picture files easy as pie.

Every Twitter user, already has a Twittimg account waiting for them. To access the account, all you have to do is log-in with your Twitter username and password.

Twttimg allows its users to upload picture files in the jpg, gif, jpeg and png formats only. TIFF files and bitmap files can’t be uploaded to the servers.

Each picture must fall within the 2MB limit. Pictures over 2MB will not upload.

Keeping track of the pictures you’ve already uploaded is done by clicking on the  ‘My Photos’ section. Under that section, you can see all the pictures you have on the site, as  well as their statistics.

All pictures can be viewed by the public. There is no option to make your pictures private. As soon as you upload a picture, it is automatically posted to your Twitter account as a status update. Each picture is also given a designated link so you can share your photographs with others.

Twittimg also allows you to create a caption for your pictures before you upload them. However, in this instance, you can only write up to 140 characters.


Twte.Ly allows you to interact with your fellow tweeters. One of its feature is that you can publish a poll to be answered by your fellow tweeters.

Application site:

Prerequisite: Twitter account

Process time: 1 minute


Step-1. Go to the Application site.

Step-2. Sign in your Twitter account on the upper right portion of the page.

Step-3. When your signed in, select a “Type”. Choose “Poll”.

Step-4. Under Question, type in your question on the box provided.

Step-5. Under Choices, enter in your choices on the boxes provided to the question. To add another choice, just click the + button.

Step-6. When you’re done. Click “Publish”. You’re done.

This app plays your music as normal on the iPhone or Touch, ever 15 minutes it fades it out, speaks your twitters in with a nice voice synth, then fades the music back in.  The interface is stark featuring an animated bird and a bubble on top displaying what is currently playing or whatever tweet it is reading. After vocalizing the tweets they can be navigated through.

One nice bonus feature is the entire screen acts as a music controller which is nice while driving or at your desk. Swipe up to play, down to pause (the music or while its speaking), side to skip, double tap to fast forward. The idea came from ‘breaking news’ on the radio, but instead its your music and it breaks in the Tweets.
The app is free including the music gestures, and 2 tweets every 10 minutes. With an in app purchase you can set the amount of tweets it speaks and the interval it gets them.


website :

in app store :

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