The lastest new from twitter is that on Tuesday Twitter hire 2 new sale executive from top web company. Guess who are they. Adam Bain, former president of the News Corporation’s Fox Audience Network, will be Twitter’s president of global revenue, and Brent Hill, Google’s former head of financial services for the Midwest, will be director of sales for the Midwest at Twitter.

Now with this new heads,  twitter will focus on new phase and plan probably more revenue is on th top of the BP. Earlier in 2008, Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive, compared the strategy to Google’s in its early days, telling me in an interview: “It was the classic story of not worrying about monetization yet and getting their product right.”

Lets check the facts that twitter has been working this year.

Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief operating officer, oversees all the revenue initiatives. Twitter previously hired Amanda Levy, formerly the first in-house sales executive at Yelp, to run West Coast sales, and Dan Coughlin, formerly at Facebook, to run East Coast sales.

And we hope to see more news coming out of Twitter, finally result can be seen End of Fiscal year.