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Twitwinner – Compare popularity on twitter

Website URL:

Twitwinner is a simple service that you enter words and it measures and compares their popularity on twitter; based on number of tweets per hour.

For example the following link compares the popularity of Techcrunch and Mashable among twitter users, at the moment you click the link.

You may compare words or phrases, seperating each by commas. You may compare maximum 5 words at a time.
Results are live, reflects the data collected at the moment you click compare button.

Also Twitwinner has a widget service, you can customize and put the widget to your site so your visitors see the comparison live.
For example you can show the race between google and facebook by putting following widget to your blog.

Why would twitter users love it?

-Having Widget Service,
-Being Simple,
-Giving Live Results

Worth having a look at this site.  Visit:

Tvider is a Twitter application that lets you share pictures, audio and video files on Twitter. Simply sign in using your Twitter credentials and browse to the file that you want to share.After that, just type a message and click update to attach the file to your status update.The Tvider service allows you to share anything multimedia on Twitter.  You can record right from a webcam or load one of their mobile clients for Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and more.Users can record video directly through the camera,and then share it on Twitter using Tvider.You can upload directly  video,audio,pictures to Tvider for sharing a single file linit to 25 MB.

Tvider Mobile Applications for Real Time Videos, Pictures and Audio

A picture is worth a thousand words. And words are exactly what you are short of with Twitter. Tvider helps you say more with less and powerfully. A simple yet powerful & engaging application – Tvider, enables you to illustrate your text tweets using images, audio or video.

There are very less mobile applications that lets you share the pictures, video, audio and other media from your mobile.

Instantly click a picture, record an audio/video or use files from memory & tweet it from your iPhone/Blackberry/J2ME/Symbian mobile phones..View tweets of your friends as well as other tvider tweeters, check status of your own tweets with just a click of the application s Timeline button.

Tvider have made it easy to share digital media (Audio, Video, Pictures)  just as easily from your Mobile in 3 Easy steps

  • Choose what you want to tweet – Picture, Video, Audio or a Media File saved on your mobile.
  • Enter your status message to go along the media file in twitter and choose ‘Update
  • Check out your timeline to see you and your friends media tweets. Reply your friends with media tweets or re-tweet them.

If you want to have a livelier Twitter experience, then Tvider will certainly do the trick.


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